The WINDOWSTEN blog is about one of my hobbies and what I hope is my career, working with computers, Of Operating Systems, I’ve tried a few. I’ve used every Windows version that’s been sold. Initially, I have a limited MAC background but am familiar. My foray into the Linux world was based on necessity and finances. In 2010, just as I had began writing reviews for an online music journal, my computer crashed.

As I was then and still am unemployed, I needed to have a working computer. I tried out a Linux distribution named Ubuntu and found that there were free, open source alternatives to the big well-known brands. Since then I have found that I enjoy trying out the many flavors of Linux which are known as Distributions or Distros, I use Windows 7 & 8.1 daily and now am testing Windows 10. “I’ve included more related info on my About Page.

For more info about my favorite Linux distributions and Windows 10

Article Series on WINDOWSTEN

  1. Windows Insider Program
  2. Things to See and Say
  3. How to use Windows Technical Preview


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