Windows releases new build 9879

After catching wind Wednesday of a new build release, I spent some time last week updating the initial installation of Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9849 on my laptop and PC. I upgraded to 9860 as recommended by default, and finally to Preview Build 9879. The upgrade process took awhile, the download and install was at least 3-4 hours per machine as each build is essentially a fresh installation.

I’m told that this will be 2014’s last Preview and I wanted to be 1st in line. Apparently Slow is the default setting to upgrade as each build is gradually rolled out. To get the newest build, the user must open the PC settings>Update and Recovery>Preview Builds. Click on Change the time my PC installs preview builds and change the preference to “Fast.” You are warned however, fast may mean buggy.

PC Settings dialog box
PC Settings Preview Build

This new build is the first to use the feedback that users have given and introduce new features based on that input. My impression at this point, is that Microsoft is really working on crafting Windows 10 into an operating system that feels like a seamless, natural progression of the hugely popular previous versions Windows XP and 7.


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