Apples to Oranges

During my testing of Windows 10 these past two months, I have been trying to find a good solid Linux distribution to run as a virtual machine for some head to head tests. I’ve tried Mint, Zorin, Ku, Xu, and Lubuntu, Linux Lite, Makulu, and Manjaro. None of them quite worked the way I wanted, even with the full featured distros, browsers were slow, programs didn’t work, and there was always too much configuration to do.

Yesterday I found the one that I’ve enjoyed the most, as far as speed, ease of use, and appearance.  Q4OS, version 0.5.22, it’s Debian based and lightwieght, it comes with a KDE desktop, and the Konquerer web browser. It’s something you can build on, although not much is installed to began with.

I had to install via terminal the Synaptic package manager, from there I had to download for example Chromium browser, Libre Office, and VLC player. Sound did not work, found out I had to install drivers, duh. External drives are shown but come up with errors when attempting to mount, network sharing is another task.

Which brings me to my point. Windows 10 and it’s predecessors usually have everything the average computer user needs already installed by the time installation is complete. Sure, there may be a driver issue or something and an Office Productivity Suite is not installed either, that being said, the user has a way to get online, watch a video, be productive, view or edit photos, or just listen to some music.

In my opinion, the need to configure is what has kept Linux at the bottom of the stack for the average PC user. Some Linux Distros come close and in many cases are faster than their Microsoft and Apple counterparts. The advantage however goes to Windows, based on what I’ve tested so far, I think this new version will further cement that position.

An alternative to Windows?
An alternative to Windows?

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