Build 10041

It’s here, after a wait of two months, a new Windows 10 Technical Preview build (10041)has been released!

The transparent start menu is the 1st thing that I noticed as Build 10041 was made available as an update the other day to those of us in the fast ring. At this time there are no ISOs to be had. My initial thought regarding the transparent start was this, if users have a document opened underneath, it may be difficult to read the start menu text.

First off on the upgrade adventure was my desktop PC, a 2006 model Dell Inspiron 531s, originally it was shipped with Windows Vista. It’s been upgraded to 4G RAM, bigger HDs, and faster CPU. I ran PCLinux/MATE for over a year on it, Windows 8.1 for a year flawlessly, and now Windows 10 TP since October.

Windows Operating system features
Windows 10 Transparent Start Menu

The upgrade took a couple of hours, time enough to run to Lowe’s for that masonry saw blade my wife needed for me to cut the paving stones with. After installation completed, I found that the live tiles for Mail, People, and Calender were inactive.

A quick check with the Insider Hub showed that this was a known issue, a fix was provided via running a Powershell command as administrator. Run the command as follows. Get-appxprovisionedpackage -online|where-object{$_.packagename -like”*windowscommunicationapps*”}|remove-appxprovisionedpackage -online. Go to the green live tile for the Apps store and re-install Mail, People and Calendar from the Store.

Link to App Store, Windows 10
App Store Live Tile

Another bug popped up today. I had a three BSOD events when I tried to run Piriform’s Speccy System Information tool. After system ID, the program crashed as it tried to identify the CPU. I tried compatibility modes to no avail. I’ll work on that. Meanwhile Windows 10 chugs along, there’s new things to find, new icons (Control Panel, Recycle Bin, This PC, as well as a new look to the Folders).

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m no fanboy of anything. That being said, Windows 10 will be easily adopted across many devices. It’s that simple.


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