Build 10041(Pt 2)

I’ve updated my laptop to Windows 10 Build 10041 as well, running into the same post-installation issues as in my previous article. In addition there were problems with the update process itself.

In Windows 10, the ability to install updates individually has been lost. The automatic updater would try to install the most recent critical updates to Windows Defender, and an Atheros driver update for the wireless adapter before it would attempt the build update. The driver update was unnecessary, the current driver was the recommended version.

The Build update would then fail after an hour or so of installing, and the laptop would roll back to the previous build. this happened three times and was beginning to be a headache. What I had to do was connect via Ethernet, open the Device Manager, expand Network adapters, uninstall the Atheros WiFi adapter, update to the new build, and re-install the WiFi adapter.

Windows 10 Device Manager dialog box
Device Manager

It’s been a week now, PC and laptop are running well with Build 10041 of Windows 10. All in all, Windows 10 has been easy on resources. My laptop is a secondhand Toshiba Satellite with 4G RAM, it came with Windows 7 Home Premium installed and Office 2007. It handled Windows 8.1 just fine, Windows 10 has not been a problem either. By the way, Office 2007 works great.


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