Suddenly, Build 10158 becomes 10159

It’s amazing how fast life goes by sometimes. At my last post, build 10041 had just been released and I was busy wrapping up my AAS degree in Computer Support from Clark College here in Vancouver, WA. Now it’s already the end of June, I walked in the graduation ceremony on the 18th.

What an exciting evening! Really a personal milestone for me, at my age!

I hadn’t seen my Mother in a couple of years due to a combination of distance (Mom lives near San Diego), and money (unemployed, retraining for new career). She is 80, in good health yet hesitant to travel. She flew in for the occasion, staying for a week. There were great-grandchildren she’d not yet met, there were grandchildren that are now adults. How wonderful it was for my mother to catch up. Good times!

Windows 10 build 10158 was released yesterday evening, catching me off guard. I was in the middle of a Facebook post when suddenly the screen faded to black, Hello, Windows is updating, Please don’t turn off your computer. What the heck, I may as well update the laptop too.

PC is a Vista vintage 2006 Dell Inspiron 531s, AMD 64 dual-core Athlon, 500Gb HD, 4Gb RAM. The laptop is a Toshiba Satellite originally with Windows 7.Builds 10041-10130 had problems with the Start Menu being incomplete, Live tile crashes or freezing taskbar that got to be annoying. To re-enable taskbar autohide I found that opening the Task Manager and restarting Windows Explorer is the most efficient. 10130 had shutdown issues with an error being displayed, in this case, clicking Cancel continued the Shut Down process.

The installation to Build 10158 is complete, everything appears to be in order. There was an unidentified app on the task bar however, when launched, it disappeared, also noted was a blank and blurry Notification Area. After a day and 1/2 I’d barely time to look under the hood when Build 10159 was sent out on the fast ring for Microsoft Insiders.

Microsoft reports many Bug Fixes. Here’s what I’ve found so far.


Build 10158 with Microsoft Community, Rural Landscapes theme

There’s good, bad, and weird in this build. The shutdown issue appears to be solved. Boot was faster. You can delay the Snipping Tool! Very useful if you want to make an adjustment. Internet Explorer is now the Microsoft Edge browser.

Early impressions are that Edge needs work, jerky scrolling, pages freezing. Start Menu still not expanding as in early builds. In the Start Menu, the Music App crashes, also crashing when a music file is selected. I could only play these files by right clicking>open with>Window’s Media Player or VLC Player. The Weather Live tile does not update or display conditions.

Feel free to respond with your thoughts.


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