About Me

My name is Chris Erbeck. I’m a husband, father, grandfather, lifelong music fan, and computer user from the early days.  I’m currently near completion in the Computer Support Specialist curriculum at Clark College in Vancouver, WA. I enjoy tinkering with computers, doing repairs, experimenting with various Windows, BSD, and Linux distributions, it’s a pastime that also ties in with new career path in IT Support.

I have always liked to read anything printed, my Mother laughed when she would find me reading the phone book, I still read a newspaper or two daily and many books per year. In recent times, I’ve found that I really enjoy writing, it keeps my mind busy, keeps the voices quiet,  and is helping me in the focus I need to put my career path in the direction that I want it to go.

I’ve written reviews for an online publication, Prognaut, although I received no monetary compensation, I did get free posters and a few cds. I have been a Rock and Roll music aficionado for well over 50 years. I perused and reread the rock press of the day, well before the internet, and have been involved in the online rock community for many years. I have a Record Collection totaling over 1000, hundreds of cds, and drawers of cassettes.

In addition I have a Facebook page that I administer entitled Music Without Borders“, as the title implies we cover international music news and share favorite videos, the page is entering its fifth year and I can boast has approximately 4400 members. Trust me, I am a treasure trove of rock trivia, I know a little bit about a lot of bands. Or as I often say “I’m one with the band.”

I have a bucket list, on it is a wish to attend a concert at what is known as The Prog Palace of Amsterdam, NL. Holland presently has a thriving rock scene, musicians and friends I’ve become acquainted with typically party at Cultuurpodium Boerderij

 and I’ve been invited.

As for my computer hobby. It’s evolved over the years. Once it was an occasional bug or hardware issue that I seemed able to understand and repair. The first computer for the family had Windows 98 SE. After awhile and a dead computer, we made the leap to Vista. Linux became a savior of sorts when that  computer crashed and I was faced with the loss of some important files. Fortunately, I was able to recover precious family pictures and legal documents, thus saving my schoolwork and marriage. I was so enthralled that I immediately looked into various Linux distributions and installed the Zorin OS onto my computer. It was advertised as the Gateway to Linux for Windows users. I loved it, it performed really well in the beginning. When that distribution began having support issues, I sampled some other flavors. I was hooked. I use Linux as a tool as well with a few system rescue distributions kept on a Multiboot USB.

The opportunity to experiment with the Windows 10 Technical Preview was too good to pass up, learning the ins and outs,differences, and what’s new. Also it meant a fresh direction for this blog
What I would like to do is share some thoughts, blog about the latest news, post a few videos, a tutorial or two, share some pictures and reviews. I want you to enjoy WINDOWSTEN, feel free to ask questions. Or correct me if I’m wrong.


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