Privacy Policy

Among the core values held by WINDOWSTEN, is the right of authors, contributors and guest to privacy. The  following statement  describes the nature of personal information that WINDOWSTEN reserves the right to collect and use. Included is a description of what those uses will consist of.


For our protection and yours, WINDOWSTEN can and will catalog and use information of the following nature.

  • Statistical use of this blog. Frequency, Contributions, Tone, Collaboration, etc
  • Personal details willfully provided to register or subscribe to WINDOWSTEN. Names, email addresses, contact methods for example, become the property of WordPress and this blog.
  • Business addresses that were provided, will be collected and archived.
  • Any and all other information that was provided by the contributor may be used.
  • Cookies. Fresh only. All others will be deleted.


WINDOWSTEN will use personal information for the following.

  • Customization of user experience, we want to make this place be yours too.
  • Acting as an intermediary, facilitating contact and collaboration, we will notify.
  • Billing, if accepting subscriptions.
  • Allow blog permissions
  • Reply to FAQs or direct download information.
  • Other administrative tasks.

WINDOWSTEN will not use information for monetary gain unless through direct agreement with contributor. All sensitive information will be securely encrypted. Contributing to WINDOWSTEN conveys acceptance of this policy and will be treated as such if challenged by legal entities. WINDOWSTEN reserves the right of revision, amendments to the policy may emerge during site evolution.